Application for my Cop rank thanks

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Application for my Cop rank thanks

Post  homer400 on Wed Dec 12, 2012 4:02 am

In Game Name:homer4000
Age: 17
Do You Have Experience: Yes i do i have alot of experiance because i play alot and i mean alot of drug servers and been cop on many of them.
Why Should We Pick You:Because no druggy can get passed my sight i know all of the commandslike the jail is /jailstick [playername] i will never do /jail [playername]
Why Do You Want To Be Police:Because i really would love to be a cop once again as i say i know all the commands and wont go across them Smile
Do You Know The Rules:Yes i do and i have read them twice
Do You Know How To Jail:I said in the why we should pick you but here /jailstick [playername]

Thanks for reading Homer4000


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