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clarky_rocks mod ap

Post  claky on Mon Dec 31, 2012 1:12 am

RL name: Ryan Clark
In Game Name:Clarky_rocks
Age: 15
Do You Have Experience: i was admin on a teckit server
Why Should We Pick You:i have a bit of experiance am a good person with good atacude towards things and want to help others on the server
Why Do You Want To Be Mod:i want to be mod so i can help otheres i want to help build spawn wich u were building when i loged on thismorning i have good idears to help people stay on the server like make them a starter base as my feary is that people are more likly to stay on a server that they have a base on and i have more nifty idears like that i have skype so add me if u would like to find out more.
Skype name: clarky_boy


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