Broken_Taco APPLYING!?!?!

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Broken_Taco APPLYING!?!?!

Post  Broken_Taco on Mon Dec 10, 2012 2:22 am

I figured i'd apply in hope to help server cause im on 10 hr a day most days. Because by 9 PM my time all staff is gone and asleep. I want to be the staff that picks the slack of the others at that time.
IGN: Broken_Taco
Age: 18
Experience: I've been admin a few times, i had little experience then but, after i was head admin on my friends server i got alot of experience (on occasion i was a mod nothing special).
Why pick me?: well i don't now why you should pick me, im not going to rant about me being special. Im just a good minecraft player who likes the help out. Id be very thankful if i got picked but i expect little results from this.
Any response to this would be shocking.
Why do you want to be mod: Well like i said up above ^ the admins and mods are all asleep by 9 PM my time, i want to help pick up the slack of that time.

But like ive said i expect no amazing result on this. im pretty much making this for me no one else.
and thank you for reading my application

- El Broken_Taco


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Post  Admin on Mon Dec 10, 2012 2:59 am

A Nice application, Will Consider



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