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Brendans Mod Application

Post  bmurphy on Wed Dec 19, 2012 4:48 am

Make A New Topic With Mod Application (Brendan Murphy)
In Game Name: bmurphy50
Age: 15
Do You Have Experience: yes i do have experience. I have been an admin on some servers. The stats of those servers were not amazing but not bad. I am currently admin on a server right now which has decent stats. if you would like to see these servers please let me know. I greatly want to be admin.
Why Should We Pick You: You should pick me because i play this server a lot, i am making YouTube videos about your server. I am trying to keep this server running because it is so fun! i will post a video tonight on you server. I am trying to get your server known by a lot of people and are advertising.
Why Do You Want To Be Mod: I want to become a mod for many reasons. The first reason is because i have great building ideas and great ways to improve the server. I am not abusive at all unlike some people on the server. Also this gives me more respect on the server which i feel i would like. I can be your go to guy if you need anything. I was also wondering what YouTube videos you would like me to post about your server.

Thank you, Brendan Murphy Very Happy


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